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With increased awareness of Showerdome® shower tops, there is considerably more interest coming from the commercial sector.

Since its earliest beginnings the majority of Showerdome® shower top business has been retro fit in existing domestic homes. Showerdome® shower tops have proven to be a simple and honest solution to an age old problem.

With increased awareness of Showerdome® shower tops, there is considerably more interest coming from the commercial sector. Whether that be group housing developers, spec builders, high rise apartment buildings, rental property management companies or motels the requests for information regarding supply only and or supply and fit are increasing. The benefits to each category may differ slightly, but the results are all positive.

Contact us today, to see how Showerdome® shower tops can benefit your venture. We are more than happy to talk to you about your commercial requirements for supply, and or installation.

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Our Lifetime Guarantee

Every Showerdome® shower top comes with a Lifetime Guarantee to remain crystal clear, so you can buy with confidence knowing your Showerdome® will stay looking good for many years to come.

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Fits most showers

Showerdome® shower tops are available in a range of shapes and sizes to suit most new and existing showers. Each model can be trimmed during installation to ensure a perfect fit.

Measuring guide

Nationwide installation or DIY

Installing a Showerdome® shower top is an easy DIY project, with the right tools, if you follow the detailed instruction guide provided. Professional installation can be arrange please contact your local office. We welcome enquiries from potential agents and installers throughout the UK

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can. You will need to confident cutting and drilling acrylic and will require some basic tools.

Please go to to see the list of tools required and watch the video of an installation.

A standard Showerdome® shower top installation takes a trained installer approximately 90 minutes.

Most importantly, read the detailed instruction booklet provided. Double check your measurements before attempting to cut the acrylic.

If the temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius, we suggest you attempt to warm the Showerdome® shower top either by standing it in the warmest room in the house, or next to an oil filled heater for some time prior to cutting.

Once ready to cut, you must ensure that what you are cutting to waste is fully supported while making the cut. If you allow the acrylic you are cutting away to hang down, it will cause feather cracks on the actual dome.

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  • Stylish, crystal clear finish
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Fits almost any shower
  • DIY or professional install
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