Banish the electrics from your bathroom!

Let us explain to you how you can eliminate the need for expensive extractor fans or heat lamps in your bathroom.

Mould and mildew affects most homes – especially modern, well insulated homes.

We have all been educated to believe we can beat the problem – while in reality it is extremely difficult when relying on all past ineffective practices.

One of the principal problems is the moisture generated by the shower.  Many litres of water can be generated into the air every day – and most of it condenses into clothing, carpets and bedding. Some is visible running down walls and windows where it rots window sills and flooring. In the bathroom a lot of moisture will condense on the ceiling. This inevitably generates ugly, unhealthy mould and mildew.

There is only ONE way to stop it – with a Showerdome® shower top.

Relying on an extractor fan is not going to help. As the fan draws warm steamy air out of the room it is replaced by cooler air entering around the door, window or fan vent. It is this cooler air that is causing the problem.  As the cool air meets the warm moist air from the shower, steam is generated. The bigger and stronger the fan – the more steam generated.  Our advice to you – do NOT run a fan during your shower.

The fan is only of value after the shower is turned off to help dry the room.  If you have a Showerdome® shower top the room is dry anyway.  No fan is required.

The heat lamps in many bathrooms are also contributing to the problem. More moisture is held in warm air.  The warmer you make the bathroom the more dampness you are holding in the air ready to condense out when the room cools.  This feeds the mould and mildew.   It is likely the room is cold because the fan is on or the windows are open. With a Showerdome® shower top you will keep windows closed and fans are not required.  This saves electricity and keeps valuable heat inside your home.

More energy efficient, and warmer, drier & healthier – naturally.

Stop bathroom condensation, mould & mildew in its tracks today, with Showerdome®
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