Customer story – Danella

My husband is a big Showerdome fan and was adamant it would solve our bathroom moisture problems. I wasn't 100% convinced, but since installing a Showerdome we haven't had to use the extractor fan at all and I also really enjoy that it's now very warm in the shower - like actually enjoyable!

Video Transcipt: My husbands been a big fan of Showerdome for many years. I wasn’t really convinced but he was adamant it was going to save us moisture problems in the bathroom, keep the shower enclosure nice and warm, save us having to open the window and vent it out.

I was a little bit concerned about the steam and things like that. My husband is 6 foot 3 and so I was wondering about the height – is he actually going to be able to stand in it and wash his hair? And also cleaning it.

When we met them at the Homeshow they were awesome, answered all the questions and I thought OK we’ll give it a go. We actually ordered two products from the Homeshow, they got that to us straightaway. The goods arrived within the delivery schedule they’d set out, protected, well boxed. Opened them up and get on with it.

The main thing that I found is it’s really warm in the shower, like actually really enjoyable. You don’t get in, it’s cold and takes a while to warm up and also, basically there is no steam. We haven’t had to use the extractor fan basically at all since we’ve had the Showerdome.

We love Showerdome, saves you from mould, saves you from condensation, saves you from having to scrape and repaint your ceiling. How easy is it to clean it? Wipe it down, it’s really easy. Save on power, electricity prices aren’t getting any cheaper. Put in a Showerdome and enjoy!

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