Customer story – Kimberly

We got a Showerdome to keep our new house nice and dry, as I’ve got asthma and our little dog suffers from breathing problems. Now in winter no steam escapes the shower, we’re condensation free and I’m certainly not suffering with asthma as much as I usually would this time of year.

Video transcript: We were at the Auckland Homeshow looking around at cool products and came across the Showerdome. Having lived in rental properties with minimal ventilation, condensation on the mirrors and we thought this is such an amazing product.

We’re having a house built at Hobsonville Point and thought we’ve got to get a Showerdome to keep our brand-new house really nice and dry and warm. I’ve also got asthma and our little Jack Russell dog suffers from breathing problems.

We opted to go for an installer because it would be more professional, and they sent the product out really quickly and fitted it within like half an hour.

In winter there is absolutely no steam that escapes the shower, um so we’re condensation free. I’m certainly not suffering asthma as much as I would this time of year, we’ve got an extractor fan, but we had used those in the past in previous homes, still not as efficient. Obviously with a Showerdome it just traps all that condensation.

I would highly recommend Showerdome because it keeps your home nice, dry. Not so much cleaning and it’s got the health benefits as well.

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