Showerdome vs Extractor Fan

As people up and down the country ponder how to achieve a warm, dry, healthy home, we are often asked the question “Is a Showerdome® better than an extractor fan?”.

In simple, our answer is a resounding YES!

If you don’t make steam in the first place, then you don’t need to extract it. Revelation!

We’re forever hearing ‘Keep it simple. However this is almost too simple.  We have found that in getting people to genuinely understand and buy into the concept of a Showerdome® shower top – we need to take them back a step further, and explain exactly how the concept works.

We’ve been told for decades that you need to extract the moisture from your bathroom. We almost believe this is a given, and we are all too often set in this mindset.

However, I challenge you to go back a step, and don’t create any steam in the first place (gasp!). If you don’t spill milk on the floor, you don’t need to clean it up.  If you don’t generate steam while you shower, you don’t need to extract it.

I know crazy, right!


Moisture laden air (we speak of this as ‘steam’) is only formed as a direct result of warm moist air from the shower head, mixing with the cooler air in the bathroom.  It’s only when these two air masses meet, that steam is formed.  Warm water on its own doesn’t create steam.

If you don’t believe me – I challenge you to watch your kettle when it’s next boiling and observe carefully. There is no steam INSIDE the kettle.  It’s only visible when it comes out the spout and mixes with the cooler air in the kitchen.  This is in fact the entire scientific basis of how Showerdome® was invented!  But that’s a story for another day.


A Showerdome® shower top is a relatively inexpensive one time purchase. It has no moving parts, costs nothing to run and does not wear out.

An extractor fan on the other hand, actually creates additional moisture, and has on-going associated costs and maintenance required.

A bold statement, but one we can justify. In order to not turn your bathroom into a vacuum, the extractor fan must draw more cool air into the bathroom to replace the air it is extracting.  This cool air then mixes with the warm moist air again (are you seeing the cycle), and it then is simply keeping up with steam production – not solving it.

And on that note – why would you extract all the warm air from within the home that you’ve spent time and money to create, only to replace it with cooler air as a result.


It makes total sense that a Showerdome® is a superior option to an extractor fan. It’s the preventative measure, the silver bullet of bathroom condensation, not the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff.  We’re not ‘too little too late’.  We’re early.  We’re there – ahead of the game, and solving problems before they even eventuate.  We are *that* good.

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